/ by Leon Ewing

Wish at the Blue Room 29th March - 16 April

Humphrey Bower’s world premiere adaptation of the controversial Peter Goldsworthy novel, featuring contemporary dancer Danielle Micich, and Leon Ewing on voice and guitar.

Bower plays JJ – the hearing son of deaf parents – employed by animal liberationists to teach a gorilla to sign in an interesting meditation on language, cognition, and our relationship with other species.

The set is minimal; a large black shagpile rug, lit by Andrew Lake, creating an elegant dreamspace for the work to inhabit.

‘Wish’ is artfully portrayed by Danielle, through movement rather than costuming and make up. The show is underscored by Leon improvising on moods and themes with an unplugged Martin acoustic guitar.

A highly successful first season, selling out in it’s final week, and unusual for a new theatre to work to have such emotional pull, depth of character and a gripping narrative.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about it. Now that’s got to be a mark of powerful theatre” - Sarah Knight, 720 ABC Perth

Wish is a strongly realised piece, with excellent performances from both its actors. Bower is a born storyteller … Micich is compelling" - David Zampatti, West Australian

"Everyone left the theatre totally blown away. I can guarantee that you will never have seen a show like this, and you will be truly upset if you miss it.” - Theatre Australia

“Compelling from its opening scene. A visual and aural feast … Bower shrewdly visualises his direction, and it is a pleasure to see such a distinguished artist at work. Micich is physically eloquent and mesmerising … This profound story is beautifully told, and I encourage everyone to see it. Wish is essential viewing.” - Gillian Clark, ArtsHub